hiyoku irimoya-zukuri 比翼入母屋造
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
A style of hip-and-gable roof exemplified by the one on the *honden 本殿 at Kibitsu Jinga 吉備津神社 in Okayama prefecture, which was rebuilt in 1425-26. The main ridges extend parallel to the long side of the honden. Ridges placed at right angle to each end of the main ridge permit construction of two gables which look like false dormers on each side of the ridge. Such gables are called *chidori hafu 千鳥破風. The ridges form the shape of a capital I or, in Japanese, the character kou 工. This type of roof, found only at the Kibitsu Jinja, is unique.
Kibitsu Jinga 吉備津神社 (Okayama)
Kibitsu Jinga 吉備津神社 (Okayama)

*irimoya-zukuri 入母屋造, *kibitsu-zukuri 吉備津造

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