hame-ishi 羽目石
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also written 嵌石. A stone panel. A component of the formal style podium *danjouzumi 壇上積 upon which temple or shrine buildings are erected. They are set vertically on long stone sleepers *jifuku-ishi 地覆石. All sides are dressed neatly. These panels are held securely in place between the sleepers and the topmost curbstones *katsura-ishi 葛石. Stone struts are added between the center steps and each corner of the podium to further secure the panels. Example: the west precinct of Houryuuji *Kondou 法隆寺金堂 (rebuilt 693, Nara). This is a two-stepped type podium. Toushoudaiji Kondou 唐招提寺金堂 (mid-8c, Nara).

*kidan 基壇, *tsuka-ishi 束石

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