katsura-ishi 葛石
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also pronounced kazura-ishi; also written 桂石.

1 Curbstones or edging stones, also known as *heri-ishi 縁石. Long, horizontal stones that form the topmost edge of a stone podium *danjouzumi 壇上積. See *kidan 基壇.

2 The curbstones used in a garden, street or sidewalk. They may be cut into square or rectangular shapes or naturally rounded stones. Their size varies. They may also placed by a veranda entrance stone for removing one's shoes.

3 Edging stones used under the overhanging eaves of a tea ceremony house. Sometimes, they serve to deflect rain as it flows off the eaves. They form a neat border between the tea garden and the space under the eaves. Stones lining paths in a garden are also called katsura-ishi.

*amakatsura-ishi 雨葛石, *katsura 葛, *amaochi 雨落, *nuno-ishi 布石

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