daisen 題簽
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Also written 題箋. Also called *harigedai 貼外題 and gedaigami 外題紙. A title strip for a Japanese style book. This strip of paper or cloth pasted to the front cover of a book or scroll to record the title *gedai 外題 and/or volume number. The length of a daisen is usually about two-thirds the height of the book. Generally, the strip is placed in the center of the front cover of an accordion book *orihon 折本, at the upper left or in the center (especially in the case of story book) of the front cover of a bound book *sasshibon 冊子本, and near the long edge (the edge opposite the spine) of the cover of a handscroll *kansubon 巻子本.


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