aritsugi 蟻継
KEY WORD : architecture / joints
A dovetail joint used to attach the ends of two boards. The tenon *hozo ほぞ or male part, is a splayed projection inserted into a mortise *hozoana ほぞ穴 or female cavity, of the same shape and depth. Although the two parts are easily interlocked, the joint is relatively weak and best used where stress is not a factor. It is most useful in furniture-making and door framing. If the joint is to be used on heavy timbers, it must be combined with other joints, for example; a dovetail lap joint *koshikake aritsugi 腰掛蟻継.

*koshikake aritsugi 腰掛蟻継: a) *megi 女木 b) ogi 男木


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