The Atsumi International Foundation 30th anniversary thank-you party

The Atsumi International Foundation 30th anniversary thank-you party was held on March 22nd (Friday) at the Hotel Chinzanso ballroom.

Gathered on this beautiful day were around 200 guests, including donors and supporters of the foundation as well as Raccoons (scholarship fellows). Chairperson Atsumi Naoki started the festivities, and his opening address was followed by greetings and congratulatory messages from Councilor Committee Chairperson Nagayama Osamu and the President of the Kajima Corporation, Amano Hiromasa.

The event was hosted by Sim Choon Kiat (2006 fellow) and Mya Dwi Rostika (2010 fellow). Their lighthearted banter fostered lively discussions at each of the tables and created an atmosphere that felt very unique to the Atsumi Foundation. We would also like to thank Han Kyoung-ja (2005 fellow) and Sonja Dale (2012 fellow) for their assistance with the event from its preparatory stages to the day itself.

To close, Shi Jianming (1995 fellow) and Chang Jun Shi (2023 fellow) each gave speeches as representatives of the first and latest batch of scholars, sharing their hopes for activities henceforth and creating a vision of what the future could be like for this foundation that has poured its efforts into creating networks for scholars both in and out of Japan.

Before taking the group photo, Jeon Jin-hwan (2001 fellow) closed the event and led the traditional Ippon jime (three-time clap) a moment of great significance for us all.

We would like to offer our sincerest thanks to all those who joined us at the event, as well as to those who were unable to make it and sent messages of congratulations. To those who we were unfortunately unable to meet on that day, we look forward to seeing you again at a future foundation event. For now, let's work towards the next 10 years.

Photos of the day