2003 V-Raccoon Gathering

From 9pm on October 15, 2020 Japan time, the 2003 Raccoon mini remote gathering was held. The participants were Zang Li-san from Shizuoka, Kwak-san from Fukuoka, Maria Elena-san from Bologna, Italy, and Chang from Leuven, Belgium. It was a small gathering but a very international one. Meeting in the virtual realm, it was the first "reunion" in 10 years. Crossing both international borders and time zones together with Imanishi-san who was quarantining in Tokyo, we shared recent updates and memories, as well as our thoughts on life with and after the coronavirus and the new normal in our everyday lives. Before we knew it an hour and a half had passed by. It would be nice if together with the 2003 Raccoons who were unable to join us this time we could have a "real" reunion and meet up at the Asia Future Conference scheduled to be held in Taipei next year. This gathering filled me with hope and was a wonderful slice of autumn joy.

Chang Kuei-e
(Translated by Sonja Dale)