The Second Virtual Raccoonkai Meeting

Thank you, Junko Imanish for hosting the second virtual Racconkai in the evening of August 14, 2020, from your summer retreat in cool Karuizawa. I miss the yearly visits that the Atsumi Foundation organized to allow its scholarship recipients, past and present, to escape the Tokyo heat (a very hot one this year I hear!) It was really nice that Chief Directress Itsuko Atsumi could join. The small ones really spiced up the get together. There were no fireworks, barbecues, exploring, or walking the forest paths with furry and lovable friends, but the get together somehow had a more global flavor as it was joined by fellow raccoons from Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Oita, Houston, New Delhi, Taipei, Bologna, Denmark, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Beijing, Jinan, Hanoi, Melbourne, and Cebu.
Thank you also Natsumi Tatasuuma and Bicash Lamsal for helping to set up the virtual meeting.

Max Maquito (1995 Raccoon) from Manila