First V (Virtual) Raccoon Meeting

The first virtual raccoon meeting (V raccoon meeting) was held on Sunday, May 3rd, 2020 at 9 pm Japan standard time. Since meetings and classes have become online all over the world and everyone have become used to this environment, a raccoon meeting was held online. There were more than 40 participants who took part in the online meeting.

After the remarks from the President of AISF, the participants were asked about their lifestyle and activities during the lockdown being applied in each country to prevent the spread of Novel Corona Virus. Maria Elena (Racoon 2003) from Remini, Italy -> Chang Kuei-e (Racoon 2003) from Brussels -> Kevin (Racoon 2005) from Boston -> Lee Jea Woo (Racoon 2004) from Melbourne -> Ranjana (Racoon 2002) from New Delhi -> Dinu (Racoon 2017) from Kathmandu -> Khin Maung Htwe (Racoon 1996) from Pinwoolwin, Myanmar -> Brenda (Racoon 2005), and Maquito (Racoon 1995) from from Cebu and Los Banos, Philippines respectively -> Sun Jianjun (Racoon 2002) from Beijing -> Lin Shaoyang (Racoon 2003) from Hong Kong -> Chen Tzu-Ching (Racoon 2002) from Taipei -> Kim Woong-Hee (Racoon 1996) from Seoul, Gao Weijun (Racoon 1995) and Ofosu (Racoon 2017) from Kitakyushu, Gloria (Racoon 2015) from Fukuoka, and Bao Lian Qun (Racoon 2005) talked about the current situation. At this point, the scheduled meeting time of 1.5 hour was already over and the virtual meeting was closed for once. After that, about 20 members remained in the meeting and enjoyed chatting online until midnight like a raccoon meeting.

English Translated by Bikash Lamsal
English checked by Sabina Koirala.