AISF2019 End of the Year Party

The end of the year party for 2019 was held at the Atsumi International Foundation hall on December 14, 2019. As it was just before the Christmas season, we could enjoy the Christmas trees and ornaments in the hall. All of the 2019 Raccoons and senior Raccoons along with their children gathered for a peaceful and lively party.

During this period, I was very busy writing my doctoral thesis, and the AISF end of the year party was the only end of the year party I could attend in 2019. Since I had been travelling just between home and university every day I had almost forgotten the taste of a feast
Like breathing a sigh of relief, I could relish in enjoying the wonderful dishes (especially meat like snow melting in my mouth), talking and drinking with everybody. To have met colleagues with whom I can communicate frankly by saying "are you al-right?" or "I am not al-right but I am trying my best" was a precious experience for me in 2019.

In the final moments of the party, a surprise cake was brought out just as we were enjoying a pleasant chat over pumpkin cake. It was a birthday cake for Imanishi-san whose birthday was on December 29. We all celebrated her birthday by lighting candles, turning off the light and singing a happy-birthday song for her. We asked our friends whose birthdays are December to take a step forward and sang a happy birthday song again for them in the warm atmosphere. When the children born in December stepped forward and blew out the candles, we cheered their cute actions. Our request to sing a birthday song again was rejected this time. But the most important thing is that our well wishes reached everybody.
I felt that this Christmas day, of celebrating birthdays and eating Christmas cake was the day of love. I was touched by the smiles which spread in the hall.

I wish you all happiness in the year 2020!

Shin_Hyewon (2019 Raccoon)

Translated by Kazuo Kawamura
English checked by Sonja dale