Raccoon-kai in Kyoto

A Raccoon kai was held in Kyoto on the evening of October 27th (Saturday). Thanks to Li (1998) who reached out to Raccoons living in Kyoto, Nara, and the Shiga region and together with Raccoons who participated in the 3rd East Asian Conference on Japanese Studies, seventeen of us managed to gather. Participants ranged from the first batch of Raccoons to current scholarship recipients - a difference of 23 years! It was a lovely evening made pleasant by old bonds and new ones.

Maquito Ferdinand(1995),Kim Woong-Hee(1996),Lee Joo-Ho(1998)and Mrs.Lee,Burensain(2001),Sun Jianjun(2002),Chang Kuei-e(2003),Zhu Lin(2009),Sakurai Shin(Wang Xin)(2010),Dale Sonja(2012),Li Hui(2014),Morrison Lindsay(2016),Guarini Letizia(2017),Fassbender Isabel(2017),Chiang Yung Po(2018),Imanishi,Honda

(Translated by Dale Sonja)