2018 Raccoon-kai in Seoul, Korea

We held a "Kankoku (Korean) Raccoon-kai" on June 26, 2018 at a Korean restaurant in Gwanhwa-mun, Seoul. Due to the heavy rain, some Raccoon members could not join and attendance was less than what we expected. Altogether, eight people attended - Representative Ms. Junko Imanishi, Secretary General Mr. Eiichi Tsunoda, Mr. Kim Woong-Hee (KSR Chairman, 96 Raccoon), Mr. Jung Sung Chun (00 Raccoon), Mr. Ko Hee Tak (00 Raccoon), Ms. Han Kyong Ja (05 Raccoon), Mr. Kim Soongbae (11 Raccoon) and Mr. Cho, Guk (15 Raccoon) .

The Raccoon-kai was combined with the preliminary meeting for the Asia Future Conference (AFC) which will be held this August. For this reason, Mr. Jung Sung Chun came over from Sejong City and Mr. Ko Hee Tak from Jeju Island. Each Raccoon member was assigned a certain role in advance of the upcoming AFC. These roles were confirmed at this Kankoku Raccoon-kai meeting.
I attended this meeting for the first time and was in charge of snacks during the coffee break.

Preparation for the AFC seems to be going well. As there will be around 500 researchers (from South-East Asia) who will attend the AFC, we have lots of unexpected things to do. For example, we have to arrange for people (in addition to part-time staff) who will assist in directing the participants from the airport to the hotel. For religious reasons, some participants will bring their own food and they might have a lot of luggage

As Mr. Tsunoda advised, we, Korean Raccoons, have to think of ourselves as "hosts," not as "guests." The family (wife and children) of Mr. Kim Woong-Hee, KSR Chairman will also participate in the activities.

All Korean Raccoons are requested to cooperate in making this activity a success.

(written by Han Kyoung Ja)

Translated by Kazuo Kawamura
English checked by Mac and Max Maquito and Sonja Dale

(Link to Japanese version)