Scholarship Recipient Research Report for Fiscal Year 2017

"Thank you very much!"
"Good job on your work!"
And "I could have a good experience."

First of all, I like to convey such words to the AISF staff members and my colleagues (2016 Raccoon). We had a briefing session in the afternoon of March 4th, 2017 at the Atsumi International Foundation Hall. I think we could understand each other and broaden our views which is different from our own. As Prof. Naofumi Matsumoto of Ashikaga Institute of Technology, an advisory professor of Dr. Lamsal Bikash, said, it is very important to approach one subject from different viewpoints. It became the topic at the SGRA Forum "A robot which makes human beings happy" on February 11th, 2017.
In order to do so, we have to exchange with researchers of different fields and broaden our thinking. In this sense, I think we could spend very useful time as we could hear opinions of various fields like design, politics, history, linguistics and high-technology.

We have just started our researches which we reported this time and I think it necessary to make use of this chance for the purpose of releasing to the public.
As Dr. Choon Kiat Sim (Raccoon OB) said, we have two faces, as a human being and as a "raccoon". So, we can widen our views by positively participating in the "Raccoon network". I, myself also, like to positively participate in this network.

On the other hand, as Professor Matsumoto said, I think it interesting to report from a viewpoint of "learning from failure". Scholarship students of AISF might have experienced various failures, and they got their "fruits" from overcoming such failures. However, all the reports, including myself, focused on how they report their "fruits" successfully. We could not convey, in order to get such "fruits", our efforts or experiences. I think our failures are very useful for students who are researchers of similar fields, if they are facing the problem of how to overcome their failures. Not only results (fruits) of researches but its process (including failures) may be a good and important hint for them.

In this session, 2017 raccoons attended also and we could talk a lot at the social gathering after the session. They will have a lot of experiences during this year after April, 2017 as a member of AISF and I hope I could hear their experiences at the session next year. I look forward to that day.

I would like to convey my thanks to all the staff members of AISF and my colleagues who shared with me interesting topics.
I like to convey my thanks also to Raccoons of next year, in advance.

(written by Ji Hyeong Lee)

Translated by Kazuo Kawamura
English checked by Max Maquito

(Japanese version)
Japanese Version