AISF2017 New Year's Party

We had the AISF New Year's party on January 21 (Sat.), 2017 at the Atsumi International Foundation Hall. It was a very lively atmosphere in the Hall before starting the party. The Raccoons this year were busy preparing for the party, like making rice-cakes and Chinese dumplings. There were worldwide dishes on the tables like boiled dumplings prepared by the China team, curry by the Nepal team and deep-fried Chinese dumplings by the Indonesian team. All of us joined for the preparation of "Zoni" (rice-cakes boiled with vegetables) at the table, which faced the courtyard where rice-cakes were made. After "Zoni" we made a toast and greeted each other with smiles for the New Year. It was a happy time for feeling happy new year.

Following "Zoni" and the toast, there were explanations about the dishes and our Executive Director explained to us about "Osechi" (specially prepared New Year's food) in "Juubako" (beautiful lacquer boxes). It was a curious experience for us to see "Kamon" (family crest) of Atsumi Family. Coming to the Atsumi New Year Party was our pleasure. Raccoons from all over the world were introduced being enjoying nice dishes.
I could feel really that there are raccoons from all over the world like Dr. Rojas Oscar Porras from Costa Rica.

The 2016 Raccoons were preparing secretly for an event, which celebrates the 89th birthday of our Executive Director during the time other people were enjoying foods and chatting.
Mr. Lamsal Bikash prepared a birthday cake on which the photo of the smiling Executive Director was decorated. We sent her a birthday cake with our whole heart and a beautiful bouquet singing birthday song. All of us, watching her smile like a photo on the cake, felt very happy to have been able to celebrate her birthday. After cake cutting, our Executive Director spoke about her bone breaking injury at the New Year's party last year.
When we met her at the briefing session in March 2016, she looked like it was difficult to walk, but now, just after one year, she has recovered well to be able to walk freely.
It was so good for us and we admired her efforts to recover. At this New Year's party, all the Raccoon prayed for her health.

We played bingo game as a finale of the party. We could enjoy bingo under the game master, Mr. Mohammad Jakfar Idrus (a senior Raccoon) and his son Musashi.
I enjoyed seeing Raccoons who forgot themselves and smiled after hitting gorgeous prizes from AISF. We ended the party taking a group photo.

I hope we would keep the smiles of the party this time and have a happy life this year.
(written by Jooeun Noh)

Translated by Kazuo Kawamura
English checked by Max Maquito

(Japanese version)
Japanese Version