Korean Raccoon-kai@K-Hotel, Seoul

On July 22, 2017, we had Raccoon-kai + briefing session for the Fourth Asia Future Conference 2018 at K-Hotel (venue of the conference) in Gangnum District, Seoul.
Recently, participants to Korean Raccoon-kai have been basically the same and the numbers have also been decreasing. So, we sent our invitation from Tokyo and, as a result, so many members got together as follows:
Dr. Woong-Hee Kim (1996 Raccoon), Dr. Ki-Jeong Nam (1996), Dr. Joo-Ho Lee (1998), Dr. Hee Tak Ko (2000), Dr. Young-Jung Park (2002), Dr. Hyeon Wook Kim (2003), Dr. Myung Ok Yang (2004), Dr. Sung Young Lee(2004) + her family, Dr. Kyongtae Kim (2010), Dr. Jung Eun Choi (2010), Dr. Soonil Chong (2011) + his family, Dr. Hyojeong Lee (2011), Dr. Juunui Park (2011), Dr. Jungkeun Oh (2012), Ms. Yullee Kim (2015) + her family, and Mr. Hayato Imanishi (AFC staff), Mook (AFC staff), Pok (AFC staff) and Eiichi Tsunoda (Atsumi Foundation), Junko Imanishi (Atsumi Foundation)

As some of them were meeting for the first time, we started from our self-introductions.
Mr. Tsunoda presented an outline of the Asia Future Conference first and reported also on its preparation status. After questions and answers, we had a buffet dinner,

Though so many KSR (Korean Society of Raccoons) members got together, it was my great regret to have forgotten to take group pictures.
But, thanks to Dr. Chong, I could take a picture of some of them who remained at lobby.

(Written by Junko Imanishi)
(Translated by Kazuo Kawamura)

(Japanese version)
Japanese Version