Korean Raccoon-kai in Seoul

On November 20, 2017, we had a Raccoon-kai at the "Seoulgaon" restaurant in Seoul.
The meeting started at 6:30 PM. Despite our sudden invitation, 8 members gathered: Dr. Lee Saebom (2013 Raccoon), Dr. Lee Hyojeong (2011 Raccoon), Dr. Kim Soongbae (2011 Raccoon), Dr. Lee Eungyong (2007 Raccoon), Dr. Kim Hyeon Wook (2003 Raccoon), Dr. Lee Hyang-Chul (1997 Raccoon), Dr. Kim Woong-Hee (1996 Raccoon) and Director Junko Imanishi who was in Korea for the preparations of the Asia Future Conference, next year.

As some of them were t meeting for the first time, and some of them were meeting again after a long time, we started from our self-introductions. After my report about the preparation status of the Asia Future Conference, we have had discussions on various topics such as: how we can call Korean participants together, how we can work out a plan for an opening ceremony, symposium and party; and role sharing among the executive committee members.

Thank you very much to Dr. Yang Myung Ok (2004 Raccoon) for her arrangement of the restaurant despite not being able to participate in the Raccoon-kai this time due her class.
Apologies for my forgetting to take group pictures.

(Written by Junko Imanishi)
(Translated by Kazuo Kawamura)

(Japanese version)
Japanese Version