2002 Raccoon-kai in Chinzan-so Garden

On June 15 (Mon.) 2015, we had the "2002 Raccoon-kai" at a garden restaurant for delicious soba noodle in the woods of Chinzan-so Garden (Bunkyou-ku, Tokyo), taking a chance of staying in Tokyo for two weeks before returning to India by Dr. Mukhopadhyyaya, Ranjana. She has been in Kyoto as a visiting researcher of International Research Center for Japanese Studies since last year.
Dr. Sun, Jianjun, Dr. Yu, Xiaofei and myself besides Dr. Ranjana joined in the get- together.
We had no end of topics to talk about, starting from Prime Minister Modi's visit to China, an education about Japanese language, the Asia Future Conference and so on, over traditional soba noodle meal and Japanese sake which seems expensive in India.

(written by Junko Imanishi)

Translated by Kazuo Kawamura
English checked by Max Maquito

Japanese Version