Raccoon-kai in Osaka, after 6 years

Raccoon-kai in Osaka was held at ANA Crown Plaza Hotel after 6 years at noontime of December 7 (Sunday), 2014. Mr. Lee JooHo (1998 Raccoon), Ms. Hong Kyung-Jin (1999 Raccoon), Ms. Wu Yuping (2000 Raccoon), Ms. Kwon Nam-hee (2009 Raccoon), Mr. Wang Xin (2010 Raccoon) and Mrs. J. Imanishi, Managing Director, who happened to be in Osaka on her business trip. Unfortunately, Mrs. Itsuko Imanishi, Executive Director, cancelled her trip to Osaka.

Although Raccoon members in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto were meeting each other for the first time, we had almost endless conversation about our present works and activities, including comparison of the universities in Japan, Korea and China, with respect to the actual situation of Japanese university students.

With this event as a starter, I hope the Raccoon network in the Kansai area would be activated.

(Written by Junko Imanishi , trans. by Kazuo Kawamura)