Racoonkai in Tokyo 2013

A reunion raccoon-kai among the 2005 scholarship students was held on June
28 (Fri) 2013. 7 raccoons, including Mrs Junko Imanishi, Ms Keiko Ishii,
Lianquan Bao, Bunsu Kim, Xueping Wang, Susu Jiang and Kevin Wong, gathered
together in that evening.

The raccoon shared their own recent news and then talked about mostly the
new technology. Thanks to the recent advancement in technology, and the
popularity of social networking services, many of us can communicate with
others instantaneously and conveniently. There are concerns on problems
related to personal information and identity thief. It is important that we
pursue and learn new technology while we are working hard to advance
technology and to develop new knowledge.

The raccoon-kai took place in a restaurant on the top floor of a skyscraper
in Shinjuku. It was an enjoyable gathering. In fact, it was the same
location when we, the 2005 scholarship students, first met.
From my old emails I found it was dated back to April 6 2005. Time flies. It
has been 8 years since we all met and became friends.

To my raccoon fellows, please stay healthy and keep in touch. Hope to see
all of you again soon.

(by Kevin Wong)