Scholarship Recipient Research Report for Fiscal Year 2012

March 2, 2013 (Saturday) was the day before the Hina Matsuri (Dolls' Festival). As the cold spring drew to a close, the Research Report Meeting of the Atsumi International Foundation for the Fiscal Year 2012 started from 2 PM. In the Atsumi Foundation Hall of Sekiguchi Bunkyo-ku, about 50 people were gathered consisting of the scholars of the current fiscal year, alumni (RaccoonKai), supervising professors, the former ambassador to Canada, guests, Foundation officers, and staff.

The entrance to the venue was splendidly decorated with a tiered display of Hina dolls, announcing in a soft way the coming of spring.

The Research Report Meeting opened with greetings from Chief Directress (Rijicho) Itsuko Atsumi, who celebrated her 85th birthday this year, kindly shared with us her personal memories about the Hina dolls.

This was followed by the research reports. The "main characters" were 5 from the natural sciences, and 7 from the humanities/social sciences, for a total of 12 scholars of fiscal year 2012, who reported on their research findings based on their respective doctoral dissertations that included cultural anthropology, biology, gender studies, environmental engineering, energy research, Japan-China comparative literature, media video, Japanese art history, digestive system pathology, and mechanical systems. Keeping in mind the importance of an effective presentation, as emphasized by Screening Committee Member Professor Tatsuji Kataoka during last year's report meeting, the presenters made strikingly unique presentations using figures, pictures, video, and even improvised their attire so as to match the image of their research. Tense but passionate, the scholars took turns in presenting to the audience's great interest.

After the research presentations, Professors Toyoaki Watanuki (Ibaraki University), Jianjun Sun (Confucius Institute, Waseda University), and Midori Sano (Gakushuin University) kindly gave their invaluable remarks. Professor Watanuki, as a supervising professor of a scholar, gave his thanks to the great assistance and support given by the Atsumi Foundation to foreign students. Professor Sun remarked how wonderful a sight it would be for the numerous Atsumi scholars to line up in a library in front of the shelves of their own field of specialization. Screening Committee Member Professor Sano express her expectations on the future activities (of the scholars). Moreover, one of the guest Mr. Sadao Hirota, presented the 2012 Fiscal Year Scholars a hand-made vase with a small yellow flower from his garden.

After the Report Meeting, there was a get-together, where the scholars, foundation officers, and guests were able to talk to each other while enjoying delicious dishes and drinks. Since the research presentations were extremely interesting, there were a lot of questions and discussions about the contents of the presentations.

"Let this not be the end, but let us keep in touch no matter where we are in this world", were the words of Managing Directress Junko Imanishi. The piano performance of this year's scholar Mr. Jung-Keun Oh, the smiles of the last souvenir picture, and the one year with Atsumi Foundation will become important memories in the hearts of all the scholars.

Photos by Goc

Photos by Shimazu

(by Li Xue, Translated by M. Maquito)