Korean Raccoon Kai in Seoul (Summer 2011)

On 26th (Sunday) in June, 2011, Korean Raccoon Kai was held at Chinese restaurant TOH LIM located at 37th floor in Lotte hotel Seoul at 6 pm. The seasonal rain front brought rain to the Korean peninsula in those days, the forecast predicted rain on the meeting day. However fortunately rain was suspended, especially good visibility was obtained after lots of rainfall until then and we have the advantage of a high place, we can see the beautiful scenery of Seoul City which we seldom see usually. Much to our regret we did not take pictures of that scenery before the sun set because we were too pleased to meet each other after a long interval and exchange greetings.

This meeting was attended by many members of Raccoonkai in spite of their busy lives. The President of Atsumi Foundation Itsuko Atsumi, Managing Director Junko Imanishi, Chul-Ju Park (95 Raccoon), Nae-Chan Lee (96 Raccoon), Ki-Jeong Nam (96 Raccoon) and Woong-Hee Kim (96 Raccoon) , Woe-Sook Kim (97 Raccoon) who came all the way from Japan, Hee-Tak Ko (00 Raccoon), Jae-Ho Jung (00 Raccoon), Young-June Park (02 Raccoon), Sang-Heon Chae (03 Raccoon), Kyoung-Ja Han (05 Raccoon), Eung-yong Lee (07 Raccoon), Joung-A Son (09 Raccoon) and Jung-Eun Choi (10 Raccoon) attended the meeting.

Ki-Jeong Nam told the direct experience about the huge earthquake occurred on March 11 that caused tremendous damage to Japan and I realized once more that it was enormous disaster. Especially the story of Nam lived with 10 pieces of biscuit without water a day makes me know the severe situation of the affected area in person.

Woe-Sook Kim felt the positive power of Korean entertainment star boom beginning with Winter Sonata and Yong-jun Pae at her work place. In Japan, China, France, Thailand, the Philippines and etc., not only actor and actress of drama but also singers obtained great popularity according to news and I thought it is really good thing. Due to leading role of Korean boom, Korean prestige soared highly, which is very thankful thing. I hope strongly that Korean stars activities go around the whole world.

It was discussed about the participating in SGRA’s new project, the Asia Future Conference, which is going to be held at Shanghai in March, 2013 and hosting in Korea in near future. I can realize that social structures and systems were quite different between China and Korea from the conversation of members. At last this meeting was end with SGRA international symposium should be held various form based on variety features of hosting countries.

I was very happy to meet members of Raccoonkai who play an active part in various field. I am looking forward to the next meeting.

By Son Joung-A