Raccoonkai in Osaka

A Kansai Raccoon Kai was held in Ueda, Osaka last 6th of July 2008. Chief Directress Itsuko Atsumi, Managing Directress Junko Imanishi, …Kin (97 Raccoon), Ganghze Lee (99 Raccoon) and family (2 persons), … (99 Raccoon), …. (00 Raccoon) and family (three persons), …(05 Raccoon) were present. In particular, Lee Ganghze and family, and … came all the way from Toyama.

The venue was the Osaka … on the 7th floor of the Hilton Plaza East, which was right beside Osaka station. There was not enough time for the get-together, which lasted from 12 to 2 PM. Nevertheless, amidst a congenial ambiance over a delicious Chinese cuisine, the discussions range from serious social issues (e.g., Shinshu earthquake in China, global warming, changes in the medicine environment of Japan, education in Japan with its dropping fertility rate) to personal and mundane issues (e.g., education of children, new information about marriage, Kansai’s comedy culture)

After lunch, …Kin, who organized the affair, presented a slightly overdue birthday gift to Rijicho, in behalf of the Kansai Raccoons. This sparked a discussion starting with celebrating Rijicho’s longevity, and continuing on to the ever lengthening average lifespan of the Japanese society, and the way of life after retirement.

After the get-together, it was found that, in the Kansai Raccoon Kai, was the first time the participants met each other. The get-together was prompted by the visit of Chief Directress Atsumi and Managing Directress Imanishi. The aspiration was raised of having such get-togethers in the future. I hope to see everyone again in the next get-together.

By Xueping Wang