Raccoonkai in Nagoya

On Saturday, December 8, 2007, Raccoonkai Lunch was held near Nagoya Station at the restaurant Unazen, which is famous for Hitsumabushi, a delicacy of Nagoya. Nine people gathered there were: AISF Rijicho Itsuko Atsumi, AISF Director Junko Imanishi, Hu Jie (1998 Raccoon) and Liang Xingguo (2001 Raccoon) and his wife and daughter, Ranjana Mukhopadhyaya (2002 Raccoon), and Hu Gunbing (2002 Raccoon) and his wife. Topics of conversation included: recent news about those whom Rijicho have not met for a long time, new developments in and around Nagoya, and stories of Toyota in China. Both Rijicho and Imanishi were pleased to see that Raccoon members are active in Nagoya.