Takeo Atsumi

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Takeo Atsumi

Lovely tanuki (raccoon dogs) drawn by Mr. Atsumi. The club of AISF alumni is also named Raccoon Club.


Mr. Atsumi graduated from University of Tokyo (the Faculty of Law - Department of Politics) in 1943, and entered the Ministry of Commerce and Industry that year. Invited by Kajima Corporation as a managing director in 1951, Mr. Atsumi was appointed its President in January 1966, Chairman in February 1978, and Honorary Chairman and Executive Counselor in February 1984.

Kajima Corporation was established in 1880 and has become one of the major construction and engineering concerns in Japan today. Through civil engineering and construction, Kajima is an innovative leader in a diversity of development projects, combining the latest technology with extensive experience. Kajima has also been developing its activities in overseas fields.

Mr. Atsumi was Chairman of Overseas Construction Association; Chairman of Overseas Project Committee at Keidanren; a committee member of Keidanren's External Economic Cooperation Council; MITI's Export Insurance Council and Council of Economic Advisers.He was awarded a Blue Ribbon Medal in April 1979 and a Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure in November 1990. He passed away October 1993.