yotsudate 四つ建て
KEY WORD : architecture / folk dwellings
Also *yoritsuki 寄付. A structural system found in farmhouses, nouka 農家, of the Edo period in the vicinity of Koufu 甲府 in Yamanashi prefecture, and in the Owari 尾張 district of Aichi prefecture. It was characterized by the use of 4 mainframe posts *jouyabashihira 上屋柱, around the periphery of the main living room *idoko 居所, adjacent to the earthfloored area *doma 土間. The 4 posts, which defined the center of the plan, were tall and some were freestanding *dokuritsubashira 独立柱. The division between *jouya 上屋 and *geya 下屋 was very clearly articulated and the geya was one bay wide. The oldest examples of this date from the 17c, and the system gradually disappeared during the 18c.


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