unkimon 雲気文
KEY WORD : 1 architecture / decorations, 2 art history / paintings
1 Chinese: yunqiwen.
An ancient Chinese decorative design formed from C and S shapes. It is found on Chinese bronzes, mirrors, stone reliefs, gazoseki 画像石, lacquer-ware and textiles from the Warring States period (c. 403-221 BC).

2 An ancient Chinese cloud design of curling figures, thought to represent the concept of "spritual essence " (Ch; ch', Jp; ki 気) in the atmosphere. It first appeared in the Warring States period of China when it was used on bronze vessels, mirrors, stone wall carvings, lacquer and textiles. In the Han period, it became a connected "flowing cloud design" ryuu'unmon 流雲文, and in the Six Dynasties period it was combined with the arabesque design *karakusa 唐草 imported from western Asia. In the T'ang dynasty a variation know as houun 宝雲 was used in Buddhist paintings. See *unmon 雲文.


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