tonehiragawara 利根平瓦
KEY WORD : architecture / roofing tiles
Also tonehira 利根平, 刀根平.
The name given to the second of a pair of tiles composed of a semi-cylindrical tile *marugawara 丸瓦 and a concave tile *hiragawara 平瓦 which are positioned close to or at the peak of the roof. The tonehiragawara is between the first semi-cylindrical tile, refered to as *tonemarugawara 利根丸瓦, and the semi-cylindrical sleeve tile *sodemarugawara 袖丸瓦 in the case of a roof with a drooping verge *minokou 箕甲. Because the sag in the drooping verge changes and because the roof slopes between the descending ridge *kudarimune 降棟 and the hanging tiles *kakegawara 掛瓦, which extend beyond the bargeboard *hafu 破風, the tonehiragawara is lower than the second concave tile futasujime hira 二筋目平. The second tile in turn, is lower than the third concave tile sansujime hira 三筋目平. Gaps occur because the tiles must be set horizontally and be bridged with sleeves tiles sodemarugawara.


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