sundori 寸取
KEY WORD : architecture / measurements
Also suntori ; also called issundori 一寸取, sun-osae 寸押 and sunkazoe 寸数. A method of standardizing measurements so that structural timbers could be cut proportionate to each other. The system is based on the fact that 1 (one) sun (issun 一寸) is 1/10 of 1 (one) shaku (isshaku 一尺), and thus the other proportions could be easily equated. For example, the diameter of a pillar *hashira 柱 is often made 1/10 the space between pillars. Another example is used in the case of shrine gates *torii 鳥居. Torii pillars usually have an inward incline based on 1/10 of the distance from the pillar center to the center line nakazumi 中墨 of the torii . 


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