sumigawara 隅瓦
KEY WORD : architecture / roofing tiles
Also called corner eave tiles, noki-no-sumigawara 軒の隅瓦. A general term for the tiles used at the corner of a hipped roof *yosemune yane 寄棟屋根, a hip-and-gable roof *irimoya yane 入母屋根 or a pyramidal roof *hougyou yane 宝形屋根. The tiles include one set containing a half-round corner eave-end pendant tile *sumidomoe 隅巴 or sumimarugawara 隅丸瓦 and the right and left cut corner wing tiles, kirizuma hanegawara 切妻羽瓦. This set is called manjuu kirisumi 万十切隅. Another set is called ichimonji kirisumi 一文字切隅. A further arrangement is called mawarisumi 廻隅 or tonbi とんび and is made in one piece.
Hannyaji Hondou 般若寺本堂 (Nara)


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