suiboku sansuigashiki teien 水墨山水画式庭園
KEY WORD : architecture / gardens
Lit. garden in the style of ink monochrome landscape painting. A modern term used for Chinese style dry gardens *karesansui 枯山水 and in contradistinction to pond and stream chisen 池泉 gardens supposedly related to "Japanese painting style" gardens *yamato-e shiki teien 大和絵式庭園. Because Japanese ink monochrome landscape painting is often based on Chinese Song dynasty landscape painting, some scholars have further category of *hokusou sansuigashiki teien 北宋山水画式庭園. There is a long tradition of associating dry rock gardens with landscape painters. While the stone garden attributed to Sesshuu Touyou 雪舟等楊 (1420-1506) at Joueiji 常栄寺, Yamaguchi prefecture, bears scant resemblance to Sesshu's landscape paintings, the gardens at the Daisen-in 大仙院 at Daitokuji 大徳寺 attributed to Souami 相阿弥 ( ? -1525) and at the Taizou'in 退蔵院 at Myoushinji 妙心寺 attributed to Kanou Motonobu 狩野元信 (1475-1559) do seem to suggest the composition of ink monochrome landscape paintings.


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