sodegata chouzubachi  袖形手水鉢
KEY WORD : architecture / gardens
Lit. sleeve shape. A type of water basin *chouzubachi 手水鉢, in which the gentle curving silhouette of the stone is likened to a flowing kimono 着物 sleeve. The sleeve shape refers to the *tagasode 誰袖 or whose sleeves theme in painting. Sodegata water basins usually are made from natural stones *shizenseki chouzubachi 自然石手水鉢, although in some cases they are made of old objects ; see *mitatemono chouzubachi 見立物手水鉢. Also called tagasodegata 誰袖形 and furisodegata 振袖形 and may be used for *hachimae-no-ishigumi 鉢前の石組.


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