shourai mokuroku 請来目録
KEY WORD : art history / general terms
Lit. List of objects acquired and brought back. Lists and other records of Buddhist objects brought back to Japan from China by Japanese students of Buddhism from the Nara through Heian periods. Statuary objects, sutras, religious implements and writings are the major items listed *shouraihin 請来品. Most well-known lists were complied in the 9c by the Eight Esoteric Masters who Studied in Tang China Nittou hakke 入唐八家: Saichou 最澄 (804-5 in China), *Kuukai 空海 (804-6 in China), Ennin 円仁 (838-47 in China), Enchin 円珍 (853-8 in China), Enkou 円行 (838-9 in China), Jougyou 常暁 (838-9 in China), Eun 恵運 (842-7 in China) and Souei 宗叡 (862-5 in China). In 902, the cleric Annen 安然 gathered the shourai mokuroku of these eight masters into a single work, the SHO-AJARI SHINGON MIKKYOU BURUI SOUROKU 諸阿闍梨真言密教部類惣録 (Combined Records of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism by Several Masters) of which copies still exist . These records are valuable sources of information on the Buddhist art of their period . Similar records were evidently compiled by later monks who brought back objects from Song China, but none of these have survived .


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