shouraihin 請来品
KEY WORD : art history / general terms
Also written 将来品. Buddhist implements, statues shouraibutsu 請来仏 or writings brought back to Japan by emissaries or students from their travels or studies abroad. Derived from the term shoueki shourai 請益将来 [to bring back (religious) objects given by the (Chinese) master to whom (the Japanese emissaries) requested instruction]. It designates in particular those pieces brought back from Sui and Tang dynasties China during the 7-10c. In the broadest sense of the term, however, the term shouraihin is used synonymously with toraihin 渡来品 (toraibutsu 渡来仏 for Buddhist statues) and less frequently with *denraihin 伝来品, indicating any foreign objects brought back to Japan, and including ink paintings and tea utensils imported during the 15-17c. See *kowatari 古渡.

*shourai mokuroku 請来目録 

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