shoujin 承塵
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
1 An archaic term taken directly from the Chinese for a ceiling board. Usually, it referred to a type of baldaquin erected above the emperor's or a noblemen's seat to catch the dust that dropped from the underside of the roof *keshou yaneura 化粧屋根裏. The shoujin was made of board, lattice, cloth or woven straw mat mushiro 莚. One made of cypress strips is mentioned in the ENGISHIKI 延喜式 (Procedures of the Engi 延喜 era; 901-922).

2 A non-penetrating beam or lintel *nageshi 長押 in ancient times. See *tenjou-ita 天井板, *daijoukyuu 大嘗宮, *daijousai 大嘗祭.


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