shirakibashira 素木柱
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also written 白木柱, pronounced shirokibashira. A tree trunk with its bark removed and used as a pillar. Its surface is shaved until it is as smooth as satin. The pillar was used for constructing shrines, temples and dwellings of the elite until the 12c and 13c when such pillars began to be decorated with painted pictures alternating with circles of metal. Example: Chuusonji *Konjikidou 中尊寺金色堂 (1124) in Iwate prefecture; Houkaiji Amidadou 法界寺阿弥陀堂 (end of 12c -early 13c) in Kyoto.

*kuroki 黒木, *shiromaruta torii 白丸太鳥居 

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