shikinen senguu 式年遷宮
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
The transfer of a deity, goshintai 御神体, from a permanent building to a temporary one *kariden 仮殿, for the rebuilding or repair of the permanent building. The removal to the temporary structure is called either karisenguu 仮遷宮, karidono senzasai 仮殿遷座祭 or gesenguu 下遷宮(外遷宮). The permanent building is called the *honden 本殿, and returning the deity there is called honden senzasai 本殿遷座祭 or shousenguu 正遷宮. An example is: Ise Jinguu 伊勢神宮, in Mie prefecture, every twenty years.

*otabisho shinden 御旅所神殿, *gonden 権殿, *senzasai 遷座祭 

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