sekimon 石門
KEY WORD : architecture / gates, castles
1 Also read ishimon. A gate made almost entirely of stone, seen especially in Okinawa prefecture. Example: Sonohyan utaki Ishimon 園比屋武御嶽石門 (1519). Some Japanese castle gates have a high stone base with the upper parts made of wood and plaster. They have tiled roofs . Example Kouchijou Ottemon 高知城追手門, is 2-storied gate rebuilt in 1802. The central doors open both ways but side doors open only one way. The upper story has wood siding with large windows in a row. See *sekishoumon 石牆門, *sekizou-no-mon 石造の門.

2 Rock that has been formed by the elements of nature to look like a gate. These gates in rock can be formed by the pounding of the sea, an earthquake, water erosion etc.


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