sekizou-no-mon 石造の門
KEY WORD : architecture / gates
Lit. stone made gate.

1 Gates with arched entrances which are found in Okinawa prefecture and Kyuushuu 九州, particularly in Nagasaki prefecture. There are single or triple arch types, sanren aachimon 三連アーチ門, which were made by stacking stone. Near each gate are dismounting stones gebahi 下馬碑, used when alighting from a horse.

2 Castle walls that were made with split stone, wari-ishi 割石. These walls have straight vertical lines, unlike most Japanese castles which have a curve on the lower part of the corner stones. Example: Tama-udoun 玉陵, Daiichimon 第一門 (1501), Okinawa prefecture.

3 Stone gates with copper doors. Such doors were often used at mausolea. Examples can be seen at Nikkou Toushouguu 日光東照宮 and Rinnouji Taiyuuin Reibyou 輪王寺大猷院霊廟 (mid-17c), Tochigi prefecture.


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