seibyou koumon 聖廟校門
KEY WORD : architecture / gates
Also seibyoumon 聖廟門. Lit. Confucian School gate. A 1 x 1 bay, single story gate with a gable roof *kirizuma yane 切妻屋根, covered with tile *hongawarabuki 本瓦葺. A rainbow beam *kouryou 虹梁, extends over the gate opening and a bottle strut *taiheizuka 大瓶束, is placed at the center. On each side are lobster beams *ebikouryou 海老虹梁, that act as ties. The floor is hard-packed earth *doma 土間. Subordinate structures, fuzokuya 付属屋, are attached to each side of the gate, each of 1 x 1 bay. Their width is about half that of the main gate but their depth is the same. Posts are set in the center of the passage way and at the rear of the gate. These side structures also have tiled, gabled roofs set lower than the main roof. Short, mud-plastered walls crowned with tile that simulates the roofing are constructed on either side of the side buildings but are not attached to them. An example is Kyuu-Shizutanigakkou Seibyoumon 旧閑谷学校聖廟門 (C.1684), in Okayama prefecture.


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