sarumimi 猿耳
KEY WORD : architecture / aristocratic dwellings
Lit. monkey's ears. A pair of cleats that did not really resemble monkey's ears but rather the horns of a bull. The cleats projected from the top of the haragakegeta 腹掛桁, a longitudinal member that spanned the area above the center of each horse's stall tachiba 立場 in the *shoin-zukuri 書院造 stables *umaya 馬屋 of warrior-class residences buke yashiki 武家屋敷, and shrines *jinja 神社 at a high level. It was used to fasten both ends of a cord which was passed under the horse's belly and thus restrained it. It was about 7 sun 寸 (ca. 21cm) high and 8 sun (ca. 24cm) across. The origin of the term is unclear but it may be related to the custom, already established in the Kamakura period, of keeping pet monkeys in the vicinity of stables, apparently to protect the horses from sickness and ill-fortune.


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