sangen-ikko 三間一戸
KEY WORD : architecture / buildings & structures
A 3x2-bay gate, often 8-legged style *hakkyakumon 八脚門, with entrance only through the central bay. They may be single story, tall gates or two-storied. See *nioumon 二王門, and *nitenmon 二天門, *zuishinmon 随神門 are usually in this style. Examples: Ryuusenji Nioumon 竜泉寺仁王門 (1275) in Osaka, Jinguuji Nioumon 神宮寺二王門 (Kamakura period) in Fukui prefecture, Saimyouji Nitenmon 西明寺二天門 (1407), Namura Jinja Roumon 苗村神社楼門 (1394-1428) both in Shiga prefecture, Zuishimon 随身門, also called *Youmeimon 陽明門 at Nikkou Toushouguu 日光東照宮 (1636) in Tochigi prefecture. These are also gates that have openings in all three bays referred to as sangen-sanko 三間三戸; *goken-sanko 五間三戸 means 2 bays with three openings and ikken-ikko 一間一戸 refers to a gate with only 1-bay and it is the entrance.

Onjouji Nioumon 園城寺仁王門 (Shiga)

*nanken-nanko 何間何戸

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