sangendou 三間堂
KEY WORD : architecture / buildings & structures
A building with 3-bays on all four sides, commonly written 3×3 bays. The result is usually a square building. However, there are also 3×3 bay structures that are rectangular where the front and rear bays may be wider than the side bays or conversely, the three bays on each side may be of longer dimension than those on the front and rear. Furthermore the bays, especially the middle bay on each side in which a door is placed, usually on the front and rear of a building, may also be set in the center bays on four sides. Many *kannondou 観音堂, *amidadou 阿弥陀堂, *kaisandou 開山堂, *yakushidou 薬師堂 are square, 3×3 bay buildings. One 3×3 bay hall that is deeper than wide is Tennonji Butsuden 天恩寺仏殿 (1362) in Aichi prefecture, and among one that is more wide than deep is the Shoukaiji Hondou 性海寺本堂 (1648) in Aichi prefecture.

Tennonji Butsuden 天恩寺仏殿 (Aichi)

*ken 間 

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