saikakubon 西鶴本
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
The name for a group of *ukiyo zoushi 浮世草子 (Books of the Floating World which are stories reflecting the life of townspeople) by the well-known author Ihara Saikaku 井原西鶴 (1642-93). Although during Saikaku's lifetime, works of ukiyo zoushi with his name on them were rare, after he died works were published under his name. Some of these may not be by Saikaku but even suspect works are called saikakubon. There are over fifteen works which are now considered to have actually been written by Saikaku himself including such titles as KOUSHOKU ICHIDAIOTOKO 好色一代男 (One Man Who Devoted His Life to Love, 1682) and KOUSHOKU NIDAIOTOKO 好色二代男 (Also called SHOEN OOKAGAMI 諸艶大鑑; Two Men Who Devoted Their Lives to Love, 1684). These books were often printed as Mino 美濃 books (finished size approximately 200 x 280mm / 7 7/8 x 11") and although the larger portion were published in Osaka, there were more than a few also published in collaboration with publishers in Edo. Saikaku supplied the designs for the illustrations of some of his books, including KINNEN SHOKOKUBANASHI 近年諸国咄, and the 1682 Osaka publication of KOUSHOKU ICHIDAIOTOKO. Other illustrators of his works are thought to have been Yoshida Hanbee 吉田半兵衛 (fl.c. 1660-92) and makieshi (the *makie 蒔絵 lacquer craftsman) Genzaburou 蒔絵師源三郎.


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