onari goten 御成御殿
KEY WORD : architecture / aristocratic dwellings
A generic term used from the Muromachi through the Edo periods to indicate facilities provided for the visit of a shogun to a retainer's residence. The arrangement of facilities varied from period to period. For example, the Hosokawa 細川 mansion (1524) in Kyoto had a relatively simple unroofed double-door gate *heijuumon 塀重門 and a shinden style residence *shinden-zukuri 寝殿造. The residence (1698) of the daimyou 大名 of Owari 尾張 (Aichi prefecture) had an official building omotegoten 表御殿 that included provision for the shogun, women's quarters okugoten 奥御殿, a stage for Noh drama *noubutai 能舞台, and a regents' gate *onarimon 御成門.


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