nokiura 軒裏
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also nokishita 軒下. The underside of an eave *noki 軒, or the overhang of the roof beyond the wall of a building to the eave ends *nokisaki 軒先. Where the roof sheathing *noji 野地, and rafters *keshou daruki 化粧垂木, are left exposed under the eaves, this is known as keshou nokiura 化粧軒裏. Where the underside of the eaves are board, for example at Eihouji Kannondou 永保寺観音堂 (1315) in Gifu prefecture, the term keshou tenjou 化粧天井 is used. Decorative fan rafters are sometimes used in nokiura.

*ougidaruki 扇垂木, *sumigi 隅木, *itanoki 板軒 

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