niuji 入地
KEY WORD : architecture / folk dwellings
The main living room *hiroma 広間, adjacent to the earthen-floored area *doma 土間 in hiromagata mimadori 広間型三間取 farmhouses, nouka 農家, of the Edo period in parts of Shiga and Fukui prefectures. The room extended the full depth of the plan and had a *doza 土座 floor comprising rice husks, momigara 籾殻, thickly laid and overspread with reed matting mushiro 蓆. A timber block with square section, called a bugi 覆木, was laid at the interface between niuji and doma to prevent the momigara spreading into the doma. The momigara was changed once every year. The niuji often contained an open hearth *jiro 地炉, which was used for cooking, and meals were around which eaten.


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