ninohiragawara  二の平瓦
KEY WORD : architecture / roofing tiles
Broad, concave, roof tiles set directly above and slightly back from the broad, concave, pendant tiles *gatou 瓦当 that hang over the eave ends of the roof and over the edge of barge boards *hafu 破風. They are used to strengthen weak places on a roof and to prevent rain or snow from soaking into the roof should the concave pendant tile crack.
Nogami Hachimanguu Haiden 野上八幡拝殿 (Wakayama)
Nogami Hachimanguu Haiden 野上八幡拝殿 (Wakayama)
a) *kakegawara 掛瓦  b) ninohiragawara 二の平瓦


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