nijuu butsudou 二重仏堂
KEY WORD : architecture / buildings & structures
A term that can be applied to any temple or shrine building etc., which has either a double roof, a skirting *mokoshi 裳階 surrounding the building below the main roof or any roof which has extra gables or or buildings which have been joined such as one with a hip-and-gable roof construction *irimoya-zukuri 入母屋造 attached to a building that was originally an independent structure with a pyramidal roof *hougyou yane 宝形屋根. An example is Toudaiji *Hokkedou 東大寺法華堂 in Nara, the pyramidal roof dates from 747; the part with the hip-and-gable roof *irimoya yane 入母屋屋根 dates from 1199. Hasedera Hondou 長谷寺本堂 (1651) in Nara. The roof has gable at various angles and different sizes.


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