Narukomon 鳴子門
KEY WORD : architecture / gates, castles
A simple gate located in the northeast corner of the inner moat uchi-no-hori 内の濠 of the inner cidadel Honmaru 本丸 (late 16c-early 17c) at Nijoujou 二条城 in Kyoto. It is a one-bay wide, single storied gate with square, pointed main posts. On each side of the gate are white plaster-covered walls which are topped with tile roofs in the same style as the roof of the gate itself. The gate has supporting posts that are also square and are secured to the main posts by neck-penetrating tie beams *hinuki 飛貫, middle penetrating ties *koshinuki 腰貫, and non-penetrating bottom ties jinageshi 地長押, at the base. Plain-board, frog-leg struts, itakaerumata 板蟇股, are placed at the center of the neck penetrating tie beams to support the ridge. The gate has single eaves *hitonoki 一軒, and rafters that are closely spaced *shigedaruki 繁垂木. It is a wayou style *wayou 和様 gate. Wooden doors itado 板戸 are hung on the main posts. Iron plates are nailed on hinges and iron loops receive the bolts for securing the closed gate. A small gate *kugurimon 潛門 is fitted to one side of the Narukomon.


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