mukou-zukuri 向造
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
Also pronounced mukai-zukuri. A style used for the main building *honden 本殿, of a shrine. It is a generic name for a honden with a gable roof *kirizuma-zukuri 切妻造, and an entrance on the gable end *tsumairi 妻入. It does not include the Kasuga style *kasuga-zukuri 春日造, because although its entrance is on the gable end, it has a pent roof *hisashi 廂, over a veranda leading to the entrance. Examples: Izumo Taisha Honden 出雲大社本殿 (1644), Shimane prefecture and Sumiyoshi Taisha Honden 住吉大社本殿 (1811), Osaka.

*taisha-zukuri 大社造 

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